Security Guard Service

Cavalry Protective Services is New Jersey's leading contract security guard service; offering a variety of trained and skilled professionals to help with your organization's needs.

Why Choose Cavalry Protective Service?

We are NOT the average security agency, as our staff consists of SORA certified, highly trained security professionals who receive exceptionally specialized training from day one.

Cavalry Protective's security guard program prides itself on a polished, professional look, a staff most astute to detail, and a commitment to long-term relationships.


Our process in a nutshell:

  • Identifying the right security needs for your facility. Our security managers then build a program that offers the right amount of security, customer service, and image needed.
  • Next, our management team performs a prevailing wage analysis of the area. The right people and the right program need the right wages. Your account manager will then discuss our concepts and ideas with you.
  • Upon agreement, our human resource department will search our current staff for placement, seeking the right security officers for your facility.

As you may have previewed, our process is unique, thorough, and quality driven.

If this perspective is applicable to you and your organization, then we want to hear from you!

Services Offered

  • Uniform Security Guard Service

    Security guard personnel can be an asset to your organization.

    Many other providers may offer low or competitive pricing.

    Others may tout their large international reach.

    But when it comes to security, Cavalry thinks differently.

    We start with a quality officer. We train and support that person to be part of a specific concept and goal, then lead him to a strong future.

    This practice leads to a most effective security service program. At Cavalry, we understand that our security officer is often the first person your visitors see when entering your complex. Image, professionalism, and real experience are essential to the hiring and placement of each officer.

    Simply put, we provide you with the best in the business.

  • 24-Hour Live Regional Support

    With 24-hour live regional management support, our officers are the best supported in the industry. Security programs need to be well rounded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our security guards follow this program, and our management staff is always on duty – training and testing security personnel. Each shift. Every day.

    Cavalry Protective Service is a quality first company. When you select Cavalry Protective as your security guard agency, our managers will work with you to introduce security services that proudly represent your organization's true image. We guarantee it.

  • 14-Point Hiring Process

    As a premier security guard service agency, our officers are required to pass a 14-point hiring process before placement. Applicants are not assigned until you and your security site manager approve of their placement. This process ensures each new hire is well trained and mentored before the officer arrives at your location.

    In efforts to continue to offer the highest level of quality, Cavalry Protective works aggressively to continue training and building growth opportunity for each officer. At Cavalry, we truly believe a happy and proud security agent with long tenure serves our clients best, and are committed to developing and fostering this mindset.

    Our experience in security programs is as diversified as is our leadership skills. Our security programs range from the corporate offices of Fortune 500 companies to local airports.

    Our difference is in the quality.

    Cavalry Protective Service never seeks to obtain a contract.

    Our goal is to build a long-lasting relationship, delivering true security solutions for life.