Remote Video Monitoring

Remote Video Monitoring Service (RVMS) by Cavalry Protective Service is a wonderful new service now available through innovations in technology. Since 2003, Cavalry Protective has been at the forefront of Video Monitoring Integration, providing a cost effective alternative to guard services.

How RVMS Works

  • We tie your surveillance system into our data center.
  • Our security officers at our data center monitor your property via an Internet remote monitor.
  • When visitors arrive, we can monitor their activity.
  • When suspect persons arrive, we can document activity and contact local authorities.
  • We immediately contact your management staff to determine course of action whenever necessary.

Benefits of remote video montioring

  • 1/3 the Cost of Guard Service

    At often 1/3 the price of guard service, Remote Video Monitoring Service is not only cost effective, but much more reliable then guard service. Our data center can monitor your property, outside inventory, and vulnerable assets remotely – thus combining the effectiveness of a live person with the savings driven by innovative technology.

    Remote Video Monitoring Service can save your company ten’s of thousands of dollars annually – if not more.

    Remote Video Monitoring Services is ideal for car dealerships, construction sites, material supply yards, new construction, building renovations, and natural resource facilities (such as water reservoirs), among others.

  • Reliable & Available 24/7

    As an electronic based application; Remote Video Monitoring Service is incredibly reliable. Your facility will be linked live with our trained and bonded security professionals, who are constantly monitoring various key locations at your facility.

    This method permits:

    • Continued supervision of your security officers.
    • Immediate management support in the event of an incident.
    • Documentation of the entire event.
    • Live instant access and communication to local police.
    • No vulnerability or safety concerns for a live on-site guard.
    • No accommodation needed for an on-site guard.
    • Multiple areas and locations monitored from one screen.

  • We Can Work With Your Current CCTV System

    Unlike other providers, we don't use expensive proprietary equipment which forces you spend much more money than you need to. Rather, Cavalry Protective Services is a company which cares about doing things the right way for your clients. We don't trap you into a long-term lease contract with “special equipment.” Our Remote Video Monitoring Service can work will ALL modern CCTV systems – no up-selling, no gimmicks – just something that works!

  • 100% Customer Friendly

    When individuals arrive at your location, we will be able to identify them, determine their right/need to be on your premises, and document activity. In the event the person is not authorized to be on your site, our security personnel can assist police live to detain them. This service offers you the peace of mind that your assets will be there in the morning.